CBA Show

The CBA Show Has a New Face.

Amanda L'Hussier

Amanda L'Hussier is a Chelmsford native.  She graduated Chelmsford High School in 2014 and then attended The University of Miami graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations.  Amanda is new to The Chelmsford Business Association, where she serves as the Association's Secretary.  Amanda has many interests and talents and looks forward to bringing them to the CBA Show.  She has been a breath of fresh air since joining the Association in January 2022.  She has taken on a very active role in the community and brings her enthusiasm to everything she takes on.

Amanda L’Hussier is a licensed insurance agent; working at L’Hussier Insurance in town.

Amanda is looking forward to showcasing our members on the CBA Show!   If you are interested in having your business filmed, please contact us at